Monday, January 22, 2018

January 22, 2018
How much more shamelessly our politicians will act? How long will our soldiers and people living in border areas along the long border with Pakistan keep getting killed, their houses get destroyed, their schools get burnt, their hospitals also bombed and worst of all even their religious places not spared and still this Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status for Pakistan keep continuing relentlessly which was unilaterally and shamelessly granted to them way back in 1996? How long will politicians ignore everything and keep ranting against Pakistan from every public platform but doing nothing on the ground to substantiate it except returning the cross fire?
                                                    How long will politicians keep insisting that you can change your friends but not your neighbours? How long will soldiers of Indian Army, BSF and other forces keep getting killed on the border regularly after being targeted by Pakistani soldiers, terrorists fully trained and armed to the teeth by Pakistani Army and yet our politicians will continue maintaining cordial relations with Pakistan? How long will our politicians keep going to Pakistan shamelessly without being even invited and keep kowtowing before them like a pet dog?
                                     How long will our Ministers keep threatening of more surgical strikes knowing it fully well that Pakistan cares a damn and keep firing at our soldiers daily on border areas and keep killing them as also the civilians staying near border continuously? How long will politicians shamelessly ignore the repeated demands by leaders cutting across party lines like Shashi Tharoor of Congress, Subramanium Swamy of BJP, Udhav Thackeray of Shiv Sena, Rajeev Chandrashekhar who is independent MP etc and still do nothing on this score? How long will politicians shamelessly call Pakistan as “Aatankistaan” in UN but do nothing to translate it into reality by declaring Pakistan as “Aatankistaan” as Maulana Mehmood Madani who heads Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Hind very rightly demanded and stop giving it all concessions and nuking all relations with Pakistan?
                                        Why the hell is MFN status for a rogue country like Pakistan who has been waging relentlessly a proxy war against India still continuing till 2018? Should we all Indians be proud of it? Whom are our politicians fooling by openly attacking Pakistan by lip but doing nothing on ground to totally boycott Pakistan?
                                                  Why attack on our temples like Akshardham, Raghunath, etc fail to shake our politicians who still strongly favour MFN status for Pakistan and feel it must continue at any cost come what may? Are we slaves of Pakistan? Then why inspite of facing so many casualties by proxy war sponsored directly by Pakistan are our politicians determined that lives of soldiers and people cannot be above Pakistan and so MFN status for Pakistan must continue unrelenting and unabated?
                                   Why even our national media is so conspicuously silent on it and hardly raises it forcefully? Is there some external power who is behind all this? How can we be so insensitive and nonchalant towards the suffering and brutal killings of people living close to border areas and soldiers?             
                                    Why is India keeping an army of Pakistani diplomats and not sending them off to Pakistan until and unless cross border terrorism stops completely? Why inspite of NIA disclosing that Pakistani diplomats were funding separatists and terrorists to carry out more terror attacks in India still no strict action is being taken on the ground by expelling them all from India? Why are Pakistani diplomats and ex-diplomats allowed to fish in troubled waters by allowing them access to politicians of India, former Army Chiefs of India etc as we witnessed during the recent Gujarat Assembly polls?      
                                       Why inspite of attack on our Parliament, Red Fort and other places of national importance by terrorists trained and sponsored directly by Pakistan are our politicians very firm that MFN status for Pakistan must continue uninterrupted which cannot be disturbed under any circumstances? Is there some grain of truth in what Vineet Narain alleged way back in 1995-1996 that politicians of India receive unaccounted money from foreign countries by Hawala route as was testified even in Jain diaries but  which was not pursued to the end? Is this is what compels our politicians to look the other way and still keep ensuring that MFN status for Pakistan continues uninterrupted and unabated?   
                                          Why even repeated terror attacks sponsored directly by Pakistan and executed by terrorists trained and armed and paid by Pakistan on our financial capital Mumbai as well as administrative capital Delhi and many other cities all across India are our politicians very firm that MFN status for Pakistan must continue and it cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances? Why politicians are not ready to declare Pakistan a “rogue and a terror sponsor country” even though it keeps pleading in UN and also in talks with other countries to do the same? Is it just because of the old adage that, “When money speaks truth is silent?”
                                            What else is the reason behind politicians not withdrawing MFN status from Pakistan and instead placing it in “rogue country status”? Why can’t politicians really speak out on this? Why don’t they speak out when they have nothing to hide from the people as they time and again make tall claims? Can any politician come out in the open and explain on this?
                                         Why inspite of losing lakhs of soldiers and millions of people to proxy war directly sponsored by Pakistan are we not behaving like a tiny country called Kuwait who has not lost so many lives but still has decided to expel all Pakistanis from Kuwait as there are a direct threat according to them on their security and for them national interests are paramount and has severed all relations with Pakistan? Can anyone again explain this to me? Can any politician explain that why just 2 to 3 months of Kargil war in which we officially lost more than 600 soldiers did our politicians decide to invite Gen Pervez Musharraf who was the then Pakistani Army Chief and who masterminded Kargil war like a royal emperor to India?
                                          What did we get in return? Our plane hijacked and dreaded Pakistani terror leaders like Maulana Masood Azhar, Omar Sheikh and others were released  and they later plotted terror attack on Parliament and have till now killed thousands of people and soldiers and are still at large! Gen Musharraf mocked at India and hailed terror leaders as “heroes” and terrorism as “freedom struggle” still why our politician left no stone unturned to woo him disregarding completely the supreme sacrifices made by our Kargil war heroes like Captain Saurav Kalia who along with 5 soldiers of 4 Jat Regiment were tortured mercilessly for 22 days, eyes, ears and nose pierced with hot iron rods, whole body burnt with cigarette and even their private parts were not spared before finally shooting them on the head and then handing their dead body badly mutilated back to India, Captain Vikram Batra who sacrificed his life fighting enemies to win back Tiger Hills etc ?
                                                As if this was not enough, Gen Musharraf even paid Rs 1 lakh cash prize to dreaded Al Qaeda leader Iliyas Kashmiri for presenting him a severed head of an Indian soldier Bhausaheb Maruti Talekar and vowed to keep it with him as trophy! But how are our politicians concerned for whom inviting Gen Musharraf like an emperor and having lunch and breakfast and dinner were more important than anything else within few months of Kargil war? Is this the real reason why Justice Markandey Katju calls our politicians as “rogue and scoundrels”?
                                                Why can’t all Pakistanis be expelled from India? Why can’t our Ministers stop this stupidity of allowing Pakistanis medical help by citing humanity even as our people living close to border areas are regularly on daily basis facing bullets and becoming blind or suffering other physical disabilities yet we see this not affecting our politicians in any manner who are surrounded by many black cat commandoes and who are totally safe and stay in big houses peacefully? Why can’t they go close to border areas and stay there the ground reality for themselves?
                                             Why MFN status was given to Pakistan at the first instance in 1996 when they had engineered the killings of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits and even those Muslims who had supported them in any manner? Why is it still continuing even 22 years later in 2018? Why is J&K not being fully and finally merged with India even after more than 70 years of independence?
                                             What message are politicians sending by lashing out with their lips in public rallies but doing nothing concrete on ground to substantiate that they mean seriously what they say and that it is not said just for public consumption? MFN status for Pakistan! Most disgraceful and most hurting!
                                              Why can’t politicians nuke all relations with Pakistan? Why can’t Pakistan be boycotted completely until and unless they mend their ways? Are we not encouraging them by maintaining still cordial relations with them as if nothing has happened and even inviting and honouring Pakistani invaders like Gen Musharraf? This alone explains why India has always been taken for granted in the international forum!
                                                It will not be an exaggeration if I conclude my write-up by saying, “Politicians are far, far, far more dangerous than Pakistan and Justice Markandey Katju is right when he calls them as ‘rogues’ and ‘scoundrels’ for whom MFN status to Pakistan is more important and not our people and brave soldiers who are being killed mercilessly by proxy war sponsored directly by Pakistan since last many decades yet our politicians are just not affected at all which alone explains why MFN status for Pakistan is still continuing till now without being revoked even once since last more than two decades”! Can on earth there be anything more shameful than this? Which self-respecting nation will behave like this?
Sanjeev Sirohi, Advocate,
s/o Col BPS Sirohi,
A 82, Defence Enclave,
Sardhana Road, Kankerkhera,
Meerut – 250001, Uttar Pradesh.