What is News and Sources of News


What is News

The first requirement of news is that a writing should not have been published anywhere before. It should come to the readers to the first time. It is like a hot cake coming straight from the over. Anything, which has come in print before, does not constitute news. It may be anything but not news. The second ingredient is human activity. News must relate in one way or the other to the human activity. Human beings must be involved in an event embodied in news. The Third important factor is that it should be of some interest to the readers. The interest may be physical or emotional. The fourth important pre-requisite is that it should be designed to impart some sort of information to the readers.

Meaning of News

The information may be in respect of the reader’s interest in specific fields. The best ingredient is that it should be of some education value for readers. The readers ought to be of the progress of the country and making in the specific fields. The countrymen have the right to know as to how strangers their country is. It is for the readers of the country. A news is tomorrows history done up in to-days meal package. News is the flow of tides of human aspirations, the ignominy of mankind and the glory of human race. It is the best record of the incredible meanness and the magnificent coverage of man. The news is current information made available to public about what is going on. It enables the people to make up their minds as what to think and how to act.

News is a truly, concise and accurate report of the event. A news is the report of an event and what an event itself. News means the record of the event that has taken place in a particular era. The significant element of news is that it is an event in which some kind of action takes place. It is a report in which the action is described narrated, highlighted or recorded. News is written in a comprehensive manner. There should be one audience or a class of readership. To whom the description is to be presented in print or on the air or on T.V. or movie screen. News should provoke into recipients or at least some of them to thought or action.

Definitions of News

Oxford Dictionary defines it as “New information, the report of latest incident”.

According to Gerald W. Johnson, “News is the report of such incidents as in writing them, a first rank journalist feels satisfied”.

According to William F. Brook, “News is in fact a synonym of the unexpected.”

According to William Stead, “Everything which is extra-ordinary and unusual is called news”.

According to Carrel Warren, “news is usually a report which is not known to layman before its presentation. This report deals with such activities of man as are a source of interest, entertainment or information to the readers.

British Journal defines the news as, “any event, idea or opinion that is timely, that interests or affects a large number of people in a community and that is capable of being understood by them”.


A guide to advanced techniques in journalism brought out by the Editorial Study Centre of the Thompson Foundations has enumerated 20 categories of what makes news. These are “Novelty, Personal impact, Local news, Money, Crime, Sex, Conflict, Religion, Disaster and Tragedy. Humour, Human interest, the Under-dog, Mystery, Health, Science, Entertainment, Famous people, Weather, Food, and Minorities”.

A few examples of what makes news are given below:

  1. “Man bites dog”. (Novelty)
  2. “Pay body recommends raise in pay of Federal Government employees”. (Personal Impact)
  3. “A motorcyclist run over by a Niazi Bus Service near Anarkali, Lahore.” (Local News).
  4. “Prices of T.V., Refrigerator and Cigarettes raised in Federal Budget”. (Money)
  5. “100 persons died in the air crash”. (Tragedy)

It is due to the fact that a journalist reports an incident in the same way as he sees it. Although it is possible that a particular journalist gives a dramatic touch to an incident while the others do not. But the original and genuine facts of the happenings are not to be changed at any rate.

Characteristics of News

The important characteristics of news are

  1. Accuracy
  2. Balance
  3. Objectivity
  4. Concise and Clear
  5. Current and freshness

Sources of News

You can read in detail the article about Different News Sources . But here I would like to tell you, we usually get most of your news about what is going on in the world today from the newspaper or radio or television or magazine or talking to people.

News Sites

Elements of News

Following are different news elements.

  1. Immediacy or Timeliness
  2. Proximity
  3. Consequences
  4. Prominence
  5. Drama
  6. Oddity
  7. Conflict
  8. Sex
  9. Progress