Why CollegeTips is India's most happening youth community?

 Hey beautiful, yes I am talking with you. Well, I know we are strangers but once you cross the paths of http://CollegeTips.in you will come with an unknown hi but go with a known bye. Is it too confusing to understanding? Let's make it a little simpler. Grab your belts and enjoy the ride.

Greetings to the champs who are here to strengthen their skills and enhance their experiences. We are not created by professionals, but innovative interns like you.   Our mission is to provide beginners a space where they feel at home. Every year we recruit more than 25000 people who do not like to read books but crack lame jokes. It's strange to hear that. Isn't it? This is the only thing that is special about us. The CEO becomes our father and the team acts like a mother. We are like Bollywood stars, always in the news, blogs, and articles. I am sure you might have heard about this(Collegtips. in) celebrity. And that's how we have many fans to get selfies with!!

The door is open to all ages, castes, communities, races, and gender. We have a special room for every heart to ponder and every mind to wonder. We celebrate all festivals together and even show the world how we are making a mini India. Reels, posts, and highlights created by the team, with more than 1 million views on social media exhibit our work culture and recreations. Cool campaigns, fun activities, and tricky tasks make it a perfect destination to stop and stare for a while. All are sick from daily chores, so why not acknowledge the magnificence of a planet where we believe in happy work. It's not about an internship but all about building alien relationships.

Everyone is concerned with what's in it for them? It's an online training program where you will discover practical knowledge within just 30 days. You will be focusing on Social Media Marketing and Content Writing. At the end of this program,, you will earn Three Assured Certificates.

•Training Course Certificate

•CT Care Social Work Certificate

•1 Month Internship Certificate

Excited to here all of this? Then pack your bags for a month-trip where you will not only Acquire and Arise but also explore the industry of social media. Connect to the Coolest Internship of India which is the most happening in the youth community.

                                                  -Khushi Sachdev

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