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International Journals of Marketing and Technology (IJMT)

PublisherIJMRAE-ISSN2249-0558Print ISSN2249-1058URLhttp://www.ijmra.usChief EditorDr Kamal

Address-CountryIndiaImpact Factor Or Status0.85Journal DescriptionInternational Journals of Marketing and Technology(IJMT) is a refereed research journal which aims to promote the links between management and IT. The journal focuses on issues related to the development and implementation of new methodologies and technologies, which improve the operational objectives of an organization. These include, among others, product development, human resources management, project management, logistics, production management, e-commerce, quality management, financial planning, risk management, decision support systems, General Management, Banking, Insurance, Economics, IT, Computer Science, Cyber Security and emerging trends in allied subjects. Thus, the journal provides a forum for researchers and practitioners for the publication of innovative scholarly research, which contributes to the adoption of a new…