Enact Strict Law To Ensure Personal Safety Of Doctors

Let me begin with a candid confession: I have not seen God with my own eyes whom I worship but yes I have always seen the best creation of God – “Doctors” right from my childhood days because whenever I had any problem of any kind pertaining to my physical well being, my parents always took me to doctor who always took utmost care to ensure that I don’t suffer from any problem any more and prescribed the best medical treatment for my problem! The mere soothing words of doctors prove to be the biggest medicine for patients in many cases.  Yet it is most unfortunate that doctors themselves in our country are not safe and are abused, attacked and assaulted by some disgruntled people on one pretext or the other! It is an unpalatable truth and sad commentary on the state of affairs in our country that three out of every four doctors admit to face some form of verbal or physical abuse!                                To put things in perspective, we all saw just recently how the seven-day old …

Ban Advocates From Carrying Weapons Inside Court Premises

It is most horrifying to learn that a 37 year-old young and promising lawyer Darvesh Yadav who had just recently on June 9, 2019 been elected as the first woman chairperson of Bar Council of UP was on June 12 just three days later shot dead right inside the Agra District Court by another lawyer Manish Sharma thus cutting short her life in the most gruesome manner which can never be justified under any circumstances!  Why can’t advocates as well as others be barred from carrying weapons inside court premises? UP Bar Council is the biggest Bar Council in the world with maximum members numbering more than one lakh and what a spectacle has been created that none other than the Chairperson of UP Bar Council has been shot dead right inside court premises!                                         Needless to say, the lawyers of not just West UP but of entire UP observed strike the next day following her murder and everyone roundly condemned the dastardly manner of her killing right inside court…

Why Is CJI So Conspicuously Silent On More High Court Benches?

It is a matter of greatest national shame that Uttar Pradesh which is the biggest state amongst all the states in India with maximum population at more than 22 crore as UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Prime Minister Narendra Modi keep proudly bragging about at public rallies time and again which is more than even that of Pakistan and many other countries, maximum MPs in Lok Sabha at 80, maximum MPs in Rajya Sabha at 31, maximum MLAs in Vidhan Sabha at 404, maximum MLAs in Vidhan Parishad at 100, maximum Judges at lower courts at more than 5000, maximum Judges in High Courts at 160, maximum pending cases in lower courts at more than 50 lakhs, maximum pending cases in high court at more than 10 lakh, maximum members in UP Bar Council which is more than one lakh which is the highest not just in India but in  the whole world as is pointed out in the website of UP Bar Council itself, maximum Mayors, maximum villages which is again more than one lakh, maximum tehsils, maximum Mayors, …

Asian Studies

Most Asian Studies research and other activities are carried out under the aegis of programmatic thematic clusters that address questions relevant to present-day Asian societies while paying attention to long-term historical trends, and all built around the notion of social agency. The aim of this approach is not to exclude anyone or any topic, -Asian Studies also welcomes research in other areas-, but to cultivate synergies and coherence between people and projects, as well as to generate more interaction with Asian societies. Asian Cities
Keeping a close eye on contemporary developments, the cluster seeks to explore the longstanding Asian urban ‘tradition’, by discussing the origins of urbanism and urban culture in different parts of Asia, and by linking the various elements of city cultures and societies, from ancient to modern (colonial to postcolonial) times.
Asian Studies with ISSN no. 0970-7301 is a Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Asian Political, Economic, Cultural Affair and N…

International Journal of Control and Automation (IJCA)

International Journal of Control and Automation (IJCA) is a peer-reviewed, open-access, and bi-monthly online-published international journal for the complete coverage of all topics in engineering related areas. IJCA consists of two major sections in the engineering field:
·International Journal of Control and Automation (IJCA) -  Rapidly growing sector in engineering research including virtually all aspects of the environment, energy and natural resources fields: from agricultural systems and engineering, aquaculture and aquatic resource management, food engineering and bioprocess technology, pulp and paper technology, regional and rural development planning and urban environmental management, renewable energy such as solar power, to oil exploration technologies, superconductivity, and nuclear generation. ·International Journal of Control and Automation (IJCA) - This section contains topics in the combined domain of engineering, technology and applied science, and focuses on solving t…

International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology (IJHIT)