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How Long Will Lawyers Of West UP Just Keep Protesting?

To start with, I say this not as a lawyer of West UP but as a good citizen of India that the unending protest of lawyers of West UP severely affects the litigants who have to wait repeatedly to get justice. But who is responsible for this? It is not the lawyers of West UP but Centre itself who shamelessly since 1947 till 2018 has been cheating the more than 9 crore people of West UP by not setting up a high court bench in any of the 26 districts here!                                                The more than 9 crore people of West UP along with the about 1 crore people of hilly areas adjoining West UP now called Uttarakhand were openly stabbed in the chest by not granting even one high court bench not just in West UP but also in any of the hill districts of then forming part of UP! This despite the glaring fact that the Justice Jaswant Singh Commission appointed by none other than Centre itself way back in late 1970s had very strongly recommended 3 high court benches for UP – 2 in h…

Make BCCI A Public Body: Law Panel

Coming straight to the crux of the matter, it must be candidly acknowledged that there have been long standing demand for making BCCI a public body from various quarters. The Law Commission of India recommended to the government on April 18 in its 275th report titled “Legal Framework: BCCI vis-à-vis Right to Information Act, 2005” which it submitted to the Ministry of Law and Justice that the 90-year-old Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) should be declared a public body. This report has been prepared pursuant to the directions issued by the Supreme Court of India in the landmark case of Board of Control for Cricket v Cricket Association of Bihar & Ors, (2015) 3 SCC 251 which also ensured that the Lodha Committee was formed to suggest reforms in the BCCI.
It is extremely important to note that the Lodha Committee headed by former CJI RM Lodha came out with a report dated 18 December 2015 recommending several steps and measures to streamline the working of the BCCI. The Lo…