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Why Is Centre Not Creating A Bench In West UP?

It is so disgusting, shocking and frustrating to see that BJP which is holding the helm of affairs in Centre as well as in State of UP is not listening to its own MPs both in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha as well as its own Union Ministers who are repeatedly demanding the creation of a high court bench in West UP yet Centre is just refusing to relent! Why is Centre so intransigent about not relenting to what is the legitimate and popular demand of the more than 9 crore people of West UP by which the litigants and seekers of justice would be saved from the unnecessary trouble of travelling so far more than 700 to 750 km on an average all the way to Allahabad to seek justice by creating a high court bench in any of the 26 districts of West UP? Why Centre pompously inaugurates 14 lane national highway by which time spent in covering the distance between Meerut and other districts to Delhi stands reduced by one or two hours but is not ready to do anything by which the people are saved from th…

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Enact Law For Safety Of Soldiers Of Jammu And Kashmir

It is most hurting to see that in India, the soldiers who hail from Jammu and Kashmir and who join forces either in Army or in CRPF or in BSF or in police or in any other forces against the will of majority of those who hate India and enjoy stone pelting at forces are being mocked at repeatedly by Centre by just not providing any security to them and their family! In just few days we keep hearing soldiers from Jammu and Kashmir having been abducted at gun point and then tortured and then killed! Centre proudly spends more than Rs 560 crore on Hurriyat leaders who just hate India and always rant against India and openly swear loyalty with Pakistan but is not prepared to spend even a small mount on safety of soldiers of Jammu and Kashmir! Soldiers of Jammu and Kashmir are being repeatedly abducted from their home itself and then killed after bring tortured yet we see neither Centre nor Opposition taking it seriously! 
Truth be told, the latest to be killed is police constable Mohammad Sa…

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SC Advocates Creating A Special Law Against Lynching

It must be stated right at the outset that in a landmark judgment with far reaching consequences, the Supreme Court 3 Judge Bench in Tehseen S Poonawalla v Union of India and others in Writ Petition (Civil) No. 754 of 2016 dated July 17, 2018 comprising of CJI Dipak Misra, Justice AM Khanwilkar and Justice Dr DY Chandrachud recommended that the Parliament may create a special law against lynching, asserting that “fear of law and veneration for the command of law constitute the foundation of a civilized society”. We all have seen that in the last few years there has been a sharp hike in the incidents of mob lynching based on rumours and speculations which many times are completely baseless! Those who indulge in mob lynching cannot be allowed to get away under the garb of “mob getting angry” over cow killing or any other cause and must be made to pay the price for their dastardly acts by ensuring that they are either hanged or made to spend their whole life behind bars!

Matrimonial Discord Can’t Be Considered As Reason For Permitting Termination Of Pregnancy: Bombay HC

In a landmark judgment with far reaching consequences which shall always be a trendsetter in the time to come, the Bombay High Court in Neelam Choudhary V/s 1. Union of India 2. State of Maharashtra 3. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, through its Secretary in Writ Petition No. 6430 of 2018 delivered on June 19, 2018 while refusing a plea seeking termination of pregnancy held that matrimonial discord cannot be considered as a reason for permitting termination of pregnancy by invoking provisions of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971. Very rightly so! There can be no denying or disputing it!                                   Bluntly put, if matrimonial discord is accepted a valid reason for permitting termination of pregnancy then many women would resort to such specious plea and many children would be killed in the womb itself! How can this be permitted to happen under any circumstances? So Bombay High Court took the right, laudable and bold decision in not allowing ter…

Merit Can’t Be Defeated On Technical Grounds: Delhi HC

It must be stated right at the very beginning that in a landmark judgment delivered on July 10, 2018 with far reaching consequences, the Delhi High Court in Jasmeen Kaur v Union of India and others in W.P.(C) 7040/2018 while holding merit over technical grounds has opened up a closed opportunity for an aspiring medico to register for the second round of counselling for deemed universities after the due date. How can merit be defeated on technical ground? So Delhi High Court very rightly stepped in and gave the much needed relief to the petitioner which she richly deserved also!
Truth be told, the present petition has been instituted on behalf of a candidate who has secured All India 24,392nd rank in the NEET UG, 2018 examination. At the time of registration for the first round of All India Counselling, the petitioner expressed her options as ‘All India Quota’ seats, as well as ‘Central University Quota’ seats. The petitioner participated in the counseling process but could not be grant…

Uttarakhand HC Recommends Govt To Enact Legislation For Awarding Death Penalty For Rape Of Girls Aged 15 Years Or Below

To begin with, a heinous crime like rape deserves zero tolerance and must be awarded the strictest punishment. Rape of girls who are aged 15 years or below is the worst crime and just like gang rape must be awarded nothing but the death penalty. There can be no justification for awarding a lenient punishment for it.                                               Truth be told, this is exactly what the Uttarakhand High Court also ruled in its landmark ruling at the starting of January which is really commendable and deserves applaud. While confirming the death sentence handed down to a man for raping and murdering an 8-year-old girl in 2016, the Uttarakhand High Court in State of Uttarakhand Versus Karandeep Sharma @ Razia @ Raju in Criminal Reference No. 1 of 2017 with Criminal Appeal No. 156 of 2017 in its landmark judgment delivered on January 5, 2018 recommended strongly the state government to enact in three months a suitable legislation for awarding death sentence to those found g…